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Create and Share Digital Voice Recordings
Using mobile, landline, Skype & smartphones, tablets and computers

Promote Advocacy & Causes


Add voice as another way to connect with your supporters and market your cause.

Make voice a choice for your supporters who want to be heard now!  Publish a local or toll-free number that people can call to record their opinions from any mobile phone including smartphones, landline phones or Skype.  Your supporter’s opinions are securely stored in your private Evoca account where you can listen to and post them on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter account.

Listen to Gary Koplin, president of, talk about how his company engages visitors using an Evoca toll-free phone recording line:


Keep the conversation going by speaking back to them online.

You can record your own messages for your supporters and have them listen in online or email a voice file to them which they can play on their smartphone or download to their computer.  Change your voice messages quickly and even send different messages to different subscriber bases (new members, top members, cancelling members).

Non-profit and advocacy executives count on Evoca to:

  • Add new donors and keep them engaged and giving all year.
  • Create new donation level packages that include recordings of past shows only available to donors at higher giving levels.
  • Record customer calls for training purposes and financial record keeping.

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