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Online Transcriptions

The Evoca Transcription Service is simple, straightforward, and seamless. Evoca makes it easy for you and your team to create voice recordings by phone, Skype, or computer mic and order your transcription online. You also can upload an existing recording for transcription.

You receive an accurate, word-for-word transcript of your own voice, podcast, interview, or conference call within 4 business days for only $2.50/minute. Recordings from 2 to 5 hours will be delivered within 5 business days. Your recording can have up to 2 voices. It is delivered to your registered email address attached as a Microsoft Word document.

Click to see an example of a real transcription project.

How to order a transcription

To order a transcription, login to your Evoca account. Or sign up today.

Step 1: Select a recording from your My recordings dashboard.

Step 2: Under the Transcript column, click on the W icon [for Word doc]

Step 3: Review your order and click on the Next button to order using any credit card. DONE!

You will receive an email with a Microsoft Word© document attached. You have up to 24 hours to notify us if any corrections are needed.

Have a rush project? Need a translation in a language other than English? Have a recording over 5 hours? Have any special requirements like a very large number of transcriptions or special turn-around requirements? Send us a ticket with your request to receive a special quote.

Another way to order a transcript

You also can order a transcription from the Page view, which you access from the My recordings dashboard.

Get page view

Simply click on the Transcript link/W icon and follow the rest of the instructions above.

Only have the occasional need for creating a recording and getting a transcript? You can archive your Evoca account for up to 90 days from your My Account page > Account settings [all recordings are saved] and reactivate it when you are ready to use it again.


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