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Create and Share Digital Voice Recordings
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Promote your expertise with your voice

Produce valuable audio recording with Evoca’s online record, store, and share web service. Podcast your own voice, interviews and conference calls with other experts, and testimonials from your satisfied clients and customers. Create voice-overs for video productions.

Evoca’s audio recording services generate revenue opportunities for experts in all fields: professional speakers, business coaches, market researchers, financial consultants, and more. Record your presentations, training programs, and coaching sessions using any phone, Skype, or  computer mic. We instantly and securely store the entire recording as an MP3 file.

You choose how podcast your audio recordings: on your website, blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter feed.  Spread the word quickly to Facebook pages, Twitter, and WordPress blogs with our social media plug-ins or add a link to the recording in your email campaigns.  One click and your customers can listen in from their web or mobile browsers, including Apple, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. From a public or password protected web or blog page, offer your expertise through player widgets or as downloadable content. We provide the digital code for you to do it. You own and control your content.

Listen to the pros:

Dennis Gano, Executive Director, Exit Planning Institute

Nate Heller, Director of Product Development,  Ayllu Initiative

Alice Shapiro, Producer and Poet, Poetry TV


The Moth, the renown storytelling organization and NPR Moth Radio Hour producer uses a dedicated toll-free number and online recorder to invite audio auditions for the show.

Invite your followers and fans to dial a dedicated local phone number or toll-free number to record their personal stories, experiences, and concerns.  They can call from any phone or Skype, listen to a few prompts and start talking.  Or embed an online recorder on any blog. Check out our WordPress Voice Comments Recorder to allow voice as well as text comments in your commenting thread. Organize your recording in  Albums just like on YouTube, Flickr and other media sharing sites. Podcast using standard players we auto-generate or create your own custom player.

Talk back to your base and keep them close.

Now it’s your turn to start the interactive conversation – record your own audio messages and let customers listen online or while mobile — and talk back to you.  Test drive our powerfully simple service free for 30 days and see how easy it is to capture and cash in on your expertise. It’s all controlled by you through your own private Evoca dashboard where all recordings are securely stored.


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