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Evoca’s easy-to-use and affordable audio recording service is ideal for educators and students who need to record their voices and then manage and share the audio files. Educators and students can record their voices from any mobile phone, smartphone, Skype, landline or computer mic.  Capture and manage language learning sessions, interview training, poetry and creative writing recitations, oral history and research interviews, journalism field work, storytelling, and many other voice projects. Let the students compare their audio recordings made at the beginning and end of the year to literally hear their progress!

Hear from language educators about how Evoca’s audio recording service has helped them create virtual language labs for their students:

Sam Margolis, Founder, Simple English News

Faith Marcel, Professor of Interpreter Training, Niagara College Canada

Evoca was designed with educators and students in mind:

  • Give students a faster way to call in and record oral exams.  This leads to higher scores and more free time for you.
  • Allow multiple students to call in simultaneously instead of one at a time – a real time saver!
  • Give students several ways to record their work – from mobile phones, smartphones, home phones, Skype, or their computer mics.
  • Record your own voice feedback on the student’s presentation and let them listen right from their smartphone.
  • Include a link to the recording and send to the student’s email address.
  • Manage all recordings from your private online dashboard.  Create groups and albums for quicker sorting and retrieval.

Only $6.95 per month with no contract and no software to download

Evoca is a 100% web service so you don’t have to install software to create recordings, listen to them, send and receive feedback, and store recordings for future use and record keeping. For only $6.95 per month you get 10 hours of recording storage time.  There are no other charges for recording from phone or computer, and managing your recordings is always free.  See our plans and pricing for specific features and comparisons.

Need a transcription? We provide a convenient online transcription service in almost any language.  Get a written record of any recording emailed directly to you for fast online speech to text service.

Evoca reduces administrative roadblocks

High schools, universities, and eLearning companies find a lot of value in our online language service.  Some of the ways Evoca maximizes online language learning include:

  • Foreign language courses and practice sessions
  • English — including ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Public speaking and speech courses
  • Clinical training and intake interviews — psychology and other professions
  • Performing arts, writing, poetry, elocution, and speech classes
  • Oral histories
  • Storytelling
  • Job and graduate school interview role-playing
  • Radio, TV, and print journalism field assignments
  • Voice-overs for video projects
  • Social and physical sciences research projects
  • Advanced Placement (AP) foreign language test practice sessions
  • Beginning through advanced level language course assignments

How it works

Evoca puts you in charge of capturing student recordings and publishing them wherever you choose.  They speak it, we store it, and you share it!  Here’s how it works:

Record from any phone including Skype calls, mobile calls, and landline calls.

You can register up to 30 landline or mobile phone numbers and 30 Skype accounts for the students who will be making the recordings. (Need more than 30? Email us: [email protected])

If students’ phone numbers are not available they can still call a publicly available Evoca phone number to record. They will be prompted to enter the educator’s registered phone number, including the country code, followed by the # sign (U.S. example: 12127778888#) and a 4-digit PIN code followed by the # sign (example: 2323#).

When students call in they will be greeted by a standard welcome prompt that quickly walks them through how to record.  Sign up for our Local or Toll Free plan and students will hear your own custom welcome prompt.  Students can listen to their recording, erase and start over.  After they hang up we automatically save the recording as a digital MP3 file that resides in your secure Evoca account – ready for you to access almost immediately.

You also can upload existing recordings that are in MP3, WAV, and the Apple recording file formats: AAC, AIFF, and M4A. We convert and save all of these formats to your Evoca account as MP3 recordings.

Record directly online using any computer mic.

Embed an Evoca Browser Mic on your blog or website to capture student recordings – no software download is required. We auto-generate the code and you paste it into your site.  We’ve made online recording even easier with plug-ins for WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, and Drupal.

Your students can add their email address, comments, or other identification to their recording and send it on its way to your Evoca account.

View and listen to recordings from your private online dashboard.

Every Evoca subscription includes a full-feature dashboard where you manage and organize all recordings, listen to them and publish online or email to your students.  From your dashboard you can change recording titles, mark the recording as private or public, customize player widgets for online listening, and much more.

Here are some features that are especially useful to educators:

Create an album for each student and add recordings to albums for easy review and feedback.

Create a group for each class or section and add recordings to the groups.

Email a link to your student to listen to his/her own recordings online or from a smartphone.

Customize and publish Flash-based players for direct listening online.

Students can download and save recordings and keep track of their progress.

Publish selected recordings for playback on our Flash player widget.

Your Evoca subscription includes access to our friendly Flash Player Wizard which auto-generates customized player widgets that can be published on any website, blog, and social media profile.  You pick the size and color scheme, copy and paste the code into your site, and we stream recordings on demand.  Publish players that present one recording, or playlist players that stack multiple recordings for playlist-style listening.  Create “talking photos” and audio slide shows with ease!

You can “archive” your account at any time. We save your account settings (username, password, etc.) and all of its recordings for 90 days. We remind you when the archive period is coming to an end. Reactivate your at any time by re-entering your credit card information.

Integrate Evoca with existing educational IT systems

Evoca offers Evoca Enterprise for educational institutions and training organizations that want to integrate and customize the delivery of Evoca’s innovative online recording services into their IT systems and software applications. Evoca Enterprise is an enterprise-grade multimedia platform delivered through a flexible API (application programming interface; RESTful HTTP API). A Developer Version trial program is available.

To learn more please fill out our online contact form, send an email to: [email protected], call us at +1.866.940.9988 (Toll-free U.S. and Canada) or +1.212.372.7670, or via Skype at evoca-bizdev-call-recorder.


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