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Create and Share Digital Voice Recordings
Using mobile, landline, Skype & smartphones, tablets and computers

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Add audio recording to your web application with Evoca Enterprise™

Want to add audio recording to engage your fans, supporters, customers, students, and teams with compelling audio content? The Evoca team welcomes your inquiries. Complete the online form below or email [email protected] For customization projects, inquire at Evoca Labs.

Rapidly configure voice recording and publication features using our flexible, enterprise-class (RESTful) HTTP API (application programming interface).

Features include:

  • Toll-free and worldwide local numbers
  • Branded Skype call recorders
  • Custom welcome voice prompts
  • Call scripting
  • PIN and security codes

Create content using:

  • Phones: landline, mobile, and smartphones
  • Skype: your custom Skype caller recorder
  • Online recorders – highly customizable
  • Recorders for WordPress & other web software

Publish custom, viral player widgets

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  • Smartphones and tablets

Access our enterprise-class Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) platform that you can call on again and again

We built the highly scalable Evoca Enterprise™ platform with enterprise-class software engineering tools that developers know and trust.

We deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so we handle all updates. Your application uses our RESTful HTTP API (application programming interface) to simply make API calls to our media platform, and retrieves your customized players and recorders and related data. We auto-generate HTML code for Flash, iFrame, HTML5, and “smart” audio players and Flash recorders to make your job even easier. Our development team deploys the best software protocols and architecture to create an enterprise-class multimedia platform that works when called upon. Some of these tools are: JAVA, REST, XML, JSON, FLASH, and SSL.

Our technology delivers the following features:

  • Phone Creation – This feature gives your customers the ability to use any phone to call your dedicated phone number from any network: landline, mobile or Skype. The calling session is immediately transcoded to MP3 format and stored on our securely hosted servers. We provide local VoIP telephone numbers for over 45 countries. Toll-free numbers also are available.
  • Players – This feature gives you Flash, iFrame, HTML5, and “smart” audio players. Our innovative “smart player” that provides recording playback for your visitors from your web pages, blogs, smartphones, and tablets. Our players auto-detect browser type of your visitor. Flash players can be easily customized to meet your branding and web design requirements using our Flash wizard. Player types can include single recordings, “talking photos”, playlists, and audio slide shows.
  • Flash Recorder Creation – This feature gives you an in-browser Flash recorder that you can embed anywhere on your site. Recorders can be easily customized to meet your branding and web design requirements. Visitors simply turn on their computer mic and press “REC” button on your web page and speak. This creates an audio file that we instantly convert to a digital file (MP3). This file is then stored in your secure Evoca account, accessible through your Media Manager dashboard.
  • Download Recordings – With this feature you can download MP3 recordings, edit them and re-upload them to our servers.
  • Upload Recordings – With this feature you can upload your existing MP3, WAV, and Apple-supported AAC, M4A, and AIFF files and we will stream them to the players.

Your company will be issued its own license including public and private software keys. Your Evoca Enterprise™ account includes a self-service Media Manager where you can create branded players and recorders, manage phone configurations, upload and archive custom voice prompts, set up call flows, and access documentation and a developer community.

We encourage you to hear more about Evoca Enterprise™ specs and licensing programs to meet your Voice-to-Web requirements and budget. To learn more about building Voice-to-Web applications and our Developer Version trial program, complete the online form below or email [email protected].

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