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This just in: Call on Evoca to record interviews.

Evoca changes the audio recording game for journalists, writers, authors, consultants, and marketers. Record interviews from any mobile phone, smartphone, landline or Skype and retrieve them from your password-protected online Evoca account. Keep the interviews private or post to Twitter, Facebook, websites or blogs instantly.

Can’t meet with your interviewee in person to make the audio recording? You can call or she or he can call you. Bring in the Evoca recording service via three-way dialing and record away. The entire interview is instantly digitized to MP3 format and automatically stored using our secure cloud storage platform. Listen, attach the clip to email, order a written transcription, and free up more time to research and write.

NEW! Don’t have the time to conduct your own interviews to capture personal histories, family stories, customer feedback, research inquiries? Introducing EvocaTell — our professional interview service where we provide the interviewer to ask your questions then send you the digital recording. Learn more or request a quotation. Transcriptions are also available.

Listen to David Wilk, publisher of, the Voice of Writers, who conducts his own interviews using his Evoca Pro subscription. He tells how he uses Evoca to reach writers and publishers around the globe for his popular podcast.


Save time using Evoca to record interviews:

  • Record live interviews using any phone: mobile, smartphone, landline or Skype
  • Or invite your interviewees to call into your Evoca-provided dedicated phone number or online recorder on your website.  It’s as easy as leaving someone a voice message!
  • Post interviews quickly to your website or blog, Facebook fan page or profile page and Twitter.

Get the story on deadline and scoop your competitors.

Use Evoca to record phone conference calls between you and multiple sources, or record Skype conference calls with our proprietary Evoca Skype Recorder™.  Create Albums and Groups within your Evoca account and organize your recordings for faster retrieval and playback.  For example, create a group called “Candidates For Governor”, and as you record interviews we will automatically post them to a playlist player on your site.  If you want to keep recordings private or open them up to select individuals, simply set up who can listen to which Album or Group.  Only want editors to listen? Email the link to your interview recording, get it approved, and publish. You are in control!


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