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Publish a recording

Publish a recording to your blog or website. Engage your visitors and followers with your audio content!

Here is an example of how the recorder looks inside a blog article

Mandy Edwards_blog article


Here is a live example of a player – click to play


How it Works

Step 1#: Select the recording from your My recordings dashboard when logged into your My Home [main] page

Step #2: Choose, then copy code for one of 4 standard players from the “Embed” under the “Players” column

Evoca auto-generates the code for you: Smart player, Flash, iFrame, or HTML5.

Smart player – recommended

  • This player enables audio playback from the widest range of operating system and browser combinations: computer, smartphone or tablet – or Apple, Android, and BlackBerry. Yes, that includes the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. How? We auto detect your visitor’s browser type and stream the right player type.


  • This player works with Windows and most operating system and browser


  • This player is good for use on a webpage or sidebar widget

HTML5 audio tag

  • This player is useful for playback from Apple products and their mobile browsers and other HTML5 applications

Step #3: Paste the code into your blog or web page to embed the player

  • Paste into the HTML view in your editor

Alternate method: Get player embed code from recording’s Page view

Step 1#: From your My recordings dashboard select the recording and click on Page view icon

Step #2: Click on Embed under Player column to choose player type. Copy player code.

Step #3: Paste the code into your blog or web page to embed the player

  • Paste into the HTML view in your editor

Optional: Customize a player

Click on Customize to reveal the Wizard

  • It will step you through the player creation process. Choose a “player design.” Using the Flash player wizard has its own How It Works article, too.
    The basic version is “A line with single recording”.
    If you want to show the title, you can choose “No image”, playlist above or below.
    Choosing an “Image above, playlist on the bottom” adds an image to create a “talking photo” for a profile feature or to bring a flat photo alive.


You have other choices: square or round “skin”, width and height (feel free to try different sizes), colors, and more. You can “preview” the player as you are creating it.  We auto-generate the copy/paste HTML code. Now you can embed the player into your blog or website.


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