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Add recordings to groups

Putting your Evoca recordings into groups allows you to share your recordings with other Evoca members and the world. Groups can be used as the basis for an embedded flash player widget to play recordings on a website, or can be for invited members to share recordings with each other. For information on group security settings, see the “Create a group” topic.

To add recordings to groups, start at the “My recordings dashboard” on the home page of your account. Identify the recording you want to add to the group, click the “+” sign to open the expanded view and then click “+/-” in the group column to begin the process.

MyRecordings add to group

After clicking “+/-” the “Manage group assignment” window opens.


The left side of this window is “Unassigned groups.” These are groups you have created or joined, but have not assigned this specific recording to. The right side is “Assigned groups.” These are the groups you have assigned the recording to. If you have not yet assigned this specific recording to a group, “Assigned recordings” will be empty.

To assign the recording to a specific group, click the selection box next to the group you want to assign it to. Then, click the right facing arrow in the center column of the box to move the group name from”Unassigned” to “Assigned.” When moved, the group(s) the recording is being added to will appear on the assigned recordings side with a green background. You can assign a recording to multiple groups at once by selecting more than one box before clicking the right arrow.


The process is not complete until you click “Update,” which finalizes the group assignment. Prior to clicking “Update,” “Undo” will reset the group assignments to what they were prior to opening the window, and “Cancel” will close the window entirely. Also, if you decide you do not want to assign a recording to a group once you have moved it to “Assigned,” you may click the box next to the green highlighted group name and use the left-facing arrow to move it back to “Unassigned” prior to clicking update. After hitting update, you will see a confirmation screen letting you know your group assignments are complete.

You may also unassign recordings from groups using the “Manage group assignment” window. Simply click the box next to the group you want to unassign and use the left-facing arrow to move it from “Assigned” to Unassigned. After clicking the left arrow, the recording you are about to unassign will appear with a red background prior to clicking update.


Click “update” to finalize your choice, and a confirmation screen will appear letting you know your recording has been unassigned.

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