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How do I create recordings?
You can record by landline phone, mobile phone, Skype, or computer microphone. Record phone interviews and Skype interviews. Record phone conference calls and Skype conference calls.

Can I upload existing recordings?
Yes. When you upload your recording, if it is not already an MP3 recording we will convert it to to MP3 file format. Upload any recordings including these formats: MP3, WAV, Apple-supported AAC, M4A, and AIFF audio file formats.

Do I need to download or update any software?
Never! Evoca is a web service so there are never any software downloads or updates required. Just sign up and start recording immediately.

How does the Evoca online recorder plugin work?
You can embed a recorder in any blog or web page. When you install the plugin a voice recorder will appear. Any person that visits your site can leave you a voice recording using the recorder. We offer two WordPress plugins – the Audio Recorder that you can embed in any page or blog and the Voice Comments Recorder that you can activate for any page or post to invite audio comments within your WordPress comments thread.

How long can I record?
Each recording can be any length of time — 15 seconds, 3 hours – whatever you need.  Each of our Evoca Plans includes a certain amount of storage time.  Use it for one recording or create as many recordings as you like.  There is never a charge for listening to private or public recordings.

How can I edit a recording?
We recommend Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/, a free software for audio editing. Developing a web-based audio editor is, well, daunting. We have researched it and unless Google sends us some of their extra cash, we’ll have to continue to refer people to Audacity. There are other more costly/paid audio editing software programs, but we always start with recommending Audacity.

Can I purchase more recording storage time?
Absolutely! You can add unlimited “buckets” of 10 hours at any time. We notify you when you have reached 90% storage capacity. To add more time go to My Account > Account Information: Add minutes.

Can more than one person record to my account?
Yes! Pro, Local, and Toll-free subscribers can register up to 30 phone numbers and 30 Skype accounts. Our free trial has 3 of each.

Can I customize a welcome greeting for a Local or Toll-free subscription?
Yes. You can record and publish a custom greeting that callers will hear before they record. You can change it as often as you like.

What recording format is created?
Evoca generates an MP3 file when a recording is created by phone, Skype, or computer mic. You can also upload your own recordings in MP3, WAV, and all Apple formats.  We automatically convert all uploaded files to MP3s that you can then download, keep private, or publish to the web.

Can I invite other people to record voice comments, language lessons, or stories?
Yes. We offer two methods: Record using any computer mic with custom online recorders you can embed on your blogs and web pages, including plugins for WordPress.org users. Or get a dedicated phone number when you sign up for a Local or Toll-free account.

Does the person who records a comment need to install any software?
No. The Evoca recorder uses standard browser technology so readers can record using their existing settings. All they need is a computer microphone either built-in or attached. By simply clicking on the “Record” button, they are ready to go.

Where is a comment recording saved?
A new comment recording is saved to the My recordings dashboard in your Evoca Express account. The default title for the recording is “Comment Recording”. You can change the title, privacy setting, and take other actions from the My recordings dashboard.  Click on “Page view” to access recording settings, get player embed code, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Are the recordings saved as public or private?
All comment recordings are saved as “Private” in your Evoca Express account.  You can easily change them to “Public”.

Can I post recordings to my blog or website?
Yes. Here are the options:

Single recording player: Evoca provides standard single recording player embed code available from both the My recordings dashboard and the Page view. You also can use the Evoca player wizard to create a custom player and its copy/paste code.

If you record your own voice, or an interview of conference call, or a reader leaves you a voice comment that you want other readers to hear, just copy and paste the player embed code into your blog post or web page.

Playlist player: You can get standard playlist player embed code from the My recording dashboard, Assign an Album or Group, or create a custom playlist player with the Player Wizard. All recordings streamed to single or playlist players must be set to “Public.”

Can I post recordings to my Facebook and Twitter pages?
Yes! With just a click! Check out our Post to Facebook and Post Twitter features. It’s easy to share recordings on these social media sites. We handle the streaming from our secure servers. You can even auto-post recordings while you audio blog during a trip or project. Plus you can set up a pre-fix to automatically create a title for your recordings that get posted to Facebook or Twitter.

How will I know when my recording has been saved or when a reader leaves me an audio comment?
We will send you a confirmation email each time a recording is saved to your account with a handy link to the page view to listen, edit the title, email on to others, post to websites or blogs and Facebook and Twitter, download, or keep private.

Can I email a recording?
Yes. You can use the email feature in your Evoca dashboard or simply forward the confirmation email we send you each time you record. From a link in the email, your recipient can play back the recording from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Of course you can, too.

Can I get a transcription of my audio recording?
Yes! You can order a transcription of any recording right from your account. Use any credit card to order online. Receive a Word document by email.

Can I archive my account or cancel it any time?
Yes. Archive your account for up to 90 days to save your recordings and settings. This is convenient for educators, project managers, and subscribers whose voice recording needs are seasonal or project oriented.

Can I cancel my account?
Yes. It is self-service. Go to My Account > Account settings: Cancel account. Note: your recordings will be deleted and are not recoverable. So download any recordings you want to save before cancelling your account. And come back to Evoca any time!


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