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Record Skype interviews

Record interviews using Skype. Be sure to register your Skype account before starting the interview session. Only you, the interviewer, need to have an Evoca account and Skype account. You can bring the interviewee into the call by selecting her/his Skype contact or using Skype Out to call their phone number. Journalists, language students, marketers, researchers, coaches, families, and many others use Skype call recording every day, worldwide.

How to record a Skype interview

Getting started: Before your initial interview call

  • Add the Evoca Call  Recorder to your Skype contact list and also the Evoca Chat contact to receive a post-recording confirmation chat with links to listen, download, order a transcription, and more. Note: Adding the Recorder and Chat are one-time set-up actions. It may take a bit of time for these two contacts to be available depending on Skype’s network traffic.

Hint: Practice a Skype interview recording with a friend or colleague before doing your first “real” interview session. Before the call you can consult Skype’s tutorial about how to call someone on Skype or start following the steps below.

Step 1: Place a Skype call to your interviewee by selecting her/his contact name and clicking the green “call” button.

Skype interview contacts

OR you can call your interviewee’s phone by making a Skype Out call (Skype charges apply). For this method, you click the “Call phones” icon and then use the number pad to dial. Its location will depend on what Skype version you are using.


Skype phone pad

Step 2: Add the Evoca Skype Call Recorder to the call

Click the “Add people” button. Its location will depend on what Skype version you are using.You and your interviewee will hear the Evoca welcome prompt.


Add people


Skype Add more people


Step 3: Conduct your interview

After you hear the tone, jump right in to your interview. This avoids “dead-space” at the beginning of the recording.

Step 4: Save the recording

There are two ways to save the recording:

1 – Click the red “End Call” button which will hang up the entire call and save the recording.

2 – Or, if you would like to stop the recording session and save the recording and continue the conversation with your interviewee, you can release the Evoca Skype Call Recorder by clicking the red phone hang up icon that appears when you hover over the Evoca logo.

Both ways of ending the recording will save it to your My recording dashboard on the homepage of your Evoca Express account.

Conf Call


After hanging up, you will receive an Evoca Chat message in Skype with  links to immediately listen to, email, and download your recording without needing to be logged in to your Evoca account. Our online transcription services is also available here.



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