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Record Skype conference calls

Recording Skype conference calls is a popular feature of Evoca, whether you are the call host or participant. You can record as the host, and including participants who have Skype accounts and also use Skype Out to include non-Skype users. It is accessible from your web browser and smartphones and tablets.

Follow the steps and screen shots or view the video tutorial below.

How to record Skype conference calls

Getting started:

  • Register your Skype account in your Evoca My Account page
  • Add the Evoca Call  Recorder to your Skype contact list and also the Evoca Chat contact to receive a post-recording confirmation chat with links to listen, download, order a transcription, and more. Note: Adding the Recorder and Chat are one-time set-up actions. It may take time for these two contacts to be available depending on Skype’s network traffic.

Step 1: Start the conference call

  • All Skype participants’ contact names will be visible

Skype Conference

Step 2: Add the Evoca Skype Recorder as a participant in the conference after all the participants are on the call by selecting the”Evoca Skype Call Recorder” from your list of contacts.

Skype Add

Step 3: After the welcome greeting plays and you hear the beep, the recording will begin

  • All call participants will hear the Evoca welcome greeting and see the Evoca Skype Call Recorder contact in the list of conference participants.

Step 4:  Click the red “End Call” button to instantly save the recording to your My Recordings dashboard.  This will end the entire conference call.

End Call

Or, if you want to continue the discussion and stop recording, you can release the Evoca Skype Recorder from the call clicking the red “Hang-up” button for it.

Hang up1

Step 5: You will receive an informative Evoca chat message through Skype that confirms that the recording has been saved and enables you to listen, download, and email it, as well as order a transcription online.

Evoca Chat Skype

About participant consent

In some states in the U.S. and in certain countries you can proceed to record with single-party consent  – just you. In other locales, you must get the consent of other callers. Check local laws that may require call participants to agree to the recording prior to starting the session. The Berkman Center for Internet and Society provides more information in its Citizen Media Law Project.

More about successful conference call recording

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