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Record phone interviews

Recording a phone interview is a practical, popular Evoca feature. Reach your interviewee across town or on another continent with ease. Use any of your registered phone numbers that has three-way calling capability.

Evoca saves your recording as an MP3, accessible in your Evoca account to listen and keep private. Or you can email or share it on any website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter page. Your followers can listen to it on any web, smartphone, or tablet. A video tutorial also is available  below.

How to record phone interviews

Getting started:

  • Make sure you have registered the phone number that you will use during your interview recording session.
  • Confirm how to do three-way calling from your phone
  • Note: If you are doing your interview using a conference “bridge” service where you and your interviewee dial into the same number and use a code to start the call, you should use our Record phone conference calls instructions.

Step 1: Call your interviewee

Step 2: Using your phone’s three-way calling feature, dial any worldwide Evoca phone number

  • Save your favorite Evoca number to speed-dial

Step 3: Join the three phone lines together and conduct your interview

Step 4: To save the recording hang up the call (or remove the Evoca phone number)

  • Your interview is instantly saved as an MP3 recording in the My Recordings dashboard in your My Home page

Note: You can call the Evoca public phone number first to start the recording session before you include the interviewee via three-way calling. Caution: that method will create “dead air” at the beginning of the recording that you may need to remove via an audio editing tool such as Audacity.

More about successful phone interview recording

Need to record phone conference calls? Evoca makes it easy to do.

Skype user? You also can easily record Skype interviews.

Record phone interviews: video tutorial


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