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Invite third parties to record phone calls

Third parties can record directly to your Evoca account two ways:

#1 Use the local or toll-free number provided with your Local or Toll-Free Plan.

Invite your colleagues, clients, followers, fans, and students to record comments, opinions, testimonials, auditions, personal histories, field reports, and any type of content you want to capture. Publicize your local or toll-free phone number on your website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter page. Or publish it privately on password protected blog or web pages or email it to your target audience.

Already an Evoca subscriber? Upgrade from your existing Evoca subscription to Local or Toll-Free.


#2 Register up to 30 phone numbers of your colleagues, students, or followers

Any call recording they make will be saved as an MP3 audio file in your Evoca account. You will receive an email notification when it happens. You manage recordings since you are in control. You can email a link to the recording to the caller or keep the recording private.

How to record using a dedicated Local or Toll-Free dial-in phone number

Step 1: Dial the dedicated phone number

Step 2: Listen to the branded welcome greeting and start recording at the beep

Step 3: If the post-recording options are activated, you can listen, erase and re-record, save etc.

  • Press “1” to save
  • Press “2” to listen
  • Press “3” to erase and re-record
  • Press “4” to cancel and hang up
  • Press “5” to repeat this menu


You can simply hang up. Your recording will be saved to the subscriber’s online Evoca account.

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