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How to set up a virtual language lab

Calling all language educators, communications teachers, and speech therapists! Advanced Placement [AP] language teachers can drill your students all year long. Distance learning classes can record and share from around the globe.
Speech therapists can encourage practice and give feedback.

You and your students will never have to sit in a physical language lab again — to practice pronunciation, conversations, speeches, and other audio exercises! Invite voice recording by phone, Skype or online recorder. Students’ recordings are immediately saved as MP3 recordings to your secure online Evoca account for you to listen, share and download. You control the account including privacy settings. Email your feedback to your students and the link to the recording page view that enables students to listen and download.

Getting started

Sign up for an Evoca Pro subscription [$6.95/month] to receive and manage all student recordings. You can also make your own recordings to post on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter pages as good examples of pronunciation. Suggestion: activate the post recording options [listen, erase and rec-record, save, etc.] so your students can polish their audio assignments before saving.



Your students make recordings using any phone

Step #1: Create and an Album for each student. We suggest using: Lastname_Firstname [Smith_Jane] , so you can easily find a specific student’s recordings in your Evoca account. And you can share the Album link with the student so s/he has a running record of assignments.

Step #2: Register each student’s phone number. Again we suggest using: Lastname_Firstname. Associate the student’s phone number with the student’s album – one time action. With a Pro account we provide up to 30 registered phone numbers. Need more? Just ask via our online Help desk ticket system.

Step #3: Give your student the dial-in phone number your choose from Evoca’s list of publicly available numbers. The student simple dials the number, listens to the Evoca welcome greeting, talks and then either hangs up or uses the post recording options to listen, erase and re-record, save, etc.

Step #4: Give your student your audio recording assignment. All recordings made from a student’s registered phone number will be saved to your Evoca account. You will see/hear the recording in your My Home page dashboard and also under My Albums, if you have assigned the student’s phone number to a dedicated album.

Want to associate recordings with a specific class, in addition to an individual student? Create a Group for each class and assign the students’ phone numbers [and/or Skype usernames] to that Group.

Your students can also make recordings using Skype

Same steps as above. In Step #2, register your students’ Skype usernames. You also can get more than 30 Skype usernames registered if you ask.

Students can make recordings using the online Flash recorder you can easily embed on any website or blog

You can embed an online Flash recorder on your website or blog to invite students to record. Evoca auto-generates copy/paste code for you to embed. The recorder can work with any website or blog. We also offer two specific recorders – the Audio Recorder that is a stationery recorder and the Voice Comments Recorder that enables threaded voice recording between you and your students.

You and your students can make interview or group call recordings – great for conversation practice

If you want your students to practice conversation with another Spanish speaker, they can make phone interview recordings and Skype interview recordings with their registered phone or Skype account. Want to record a group conversation? It’s easy using phones or Skype.

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