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Evoca for Educators

Evoca’s easy-to-use and affordable Voice-to-Web service is ideal for educators and students who need to record their voices and then manage and share the audio files. Signing up for a Free Trial or paid Plan is fast, including the option to use Facebook login information.

Educators, students, and staff can record their voices instantly —  using any phone, Skype, and computer mic — for language learning sessions, speech and public speaking courses, job interview training, poetry and creative writing recitations, oral history and research interviews, journalism field work, storytelling, and other audio projects.

Audio recordings are immediately saved to your secure, online Evoca account as MP3 recordings that you can manage, and publish and share. Upload existing recordings, too.

Evoca is a 100% web service. There is no need for any software downloads. Educators and students can create recordings, listen to them, send and receive feedback, and store recordings for future use and record keeping. Evoca also makes it convenient to record interviews, using any phone or Skype and conference calls, using any phone or Skype, which are frequent activities within the educational community. Recording voice-overs for video, PowerPoint, SlideShare or other presentations is easy. Need a transcription? We also provide a convenient online transcription service.

How Evoca works for educators

Evoca was designed with educators and students requirements in mind. Here are some of the basics. Visit our How To section to view video tutorials and get printable text and screen shot instructions  www.evoca.com/how-it-works.

How recording creation by phone or Skype works

  • Phone: Dial any of the publicly available Evoca phone numbers from any phone number registered to the educator’s account.
  • Skype: Record free Skype calls using the Evoca Skype Call Recorder from any registered Skype account.

Evoca recognizes all registered phone numbers (or Skype accounts) and instantly saves the recordings to the educator’s account as MP3 recordings. The recordings are always available to the educator online to listen, email the recording together with feedback, and download.

  • Recording interviews and conference calls: Since it is important, let us repeat what we said in the introduction above — you can easily record interviews, using any phone or Skype), and conference calls, using any phone or Skype.

How online recorders work

  • Evoca offers  online recorder plugins for WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Drupal, Zoomla, and any content management system that allows Flash HTML code to be copied/pasted into its pages.

How to upload existing recordings

  • You also can upload existing recordings that are in MP3, WAV, and the Apple recording file formats: AAC, AIFF, and M4A. We convert and save all of these formats to your Evoca account as MP3 recordings.

Getting started

  • Review Evoca Express plans and pricing. You can start with a 15-day free trial with 15 minutes of recording storage time or sign up for an Evoca Express Pro subscription for nly $6.95. It is only a monthly commitment. With Pro you get 10 hours of recording storage time and can add “buckets” of 10 hours any time. A recording can be of any length you choose.
  • Depending on what you can afford, you can sign up for one Evoca Express Pro account that you can share (see below) or ask each student to sign up for the duration of the class.  It is only a monthly commitment. The account can be canceled at any time.
  • You can Archive an account at any time. It saves your account settings (username, password, etc.) and all of your recordings for 90 days. You can reactivate it at any time by re-entering your credit card information. We remind you when the archive period is coming to an end.
  • Need to share your account with your students? You can register up to 30 phone numbers and 30 Skype accounts) of the people who will be making the recordings. Need more than 30? Email us: [email protected]
  • If students’ phone numbers are not available to register, they can call a publicly available Evoca phone number to record. They will be prompted to enter the educator’s registered phone number, including the country code, with the # sign (U.S. example: 12127778888#) and the 4-digit PIN code with the # sign (example: 2323#).

Organize recordings

Use your dashboard and recording page views to manage, give feedback, share, and publish

From the dashboard: You can use your My recordings dashboard when logged into your My Home page to accomplish many tasks: access information about your recordings, change titles, change security levels, get single recording and playlist player embed code for player widgets, and much more.

From the recording page view: You can quickly access key features such as listen, edit, get embed code to post online, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more. When you share the Page link with visitors they too can quickly access key features for visitors.

Here are some features that are especially useful to educators:

Provide feedback

  • Add the student’s email address, type feedback in the comment field, and click on the email button.
  • Students can download their own recordings to their computers to keep a record of their progress.
  • Playback is possible on all computers, smartphones, and tablets because we auto-detect whether it’s an iPhone or iPad [HTML5 playback] or Android, BlackBerry, or Windows [Flash playback].

Offer “sample” audio recordings

  • Record “sample” recordings using your phone, Skype, or computer mic and share them. You can also upload existing recordings.

Invite participation with a dedicated local or toll-free phone number

Some projects or programs will require that you enable third parties to call to record directly to your Evoca Express account. We offer two types of accounts to accommodate these requirements: Evoca Local (local phone number and 20 hours of recording storage time) and Evoca Toll-free (toll-free phone number and 40 hours of recording storage time). See plans and pricing for specific features and comparisons.

Pricing for these two plans applies to the U.S., Canada, and certain other countries. A quotation for countries not covered by these pricing plans is available upon request to: [email protected]

How to offer a WordPress.org language lab

Invite students to record using the WordPress Voice Comments Recorder or embed an online recorder into other web or blog page types.

With the WordPress Voice Comments Recorder plugin, the teacher invites students to record language practice sessions using their computer microphone. The recorder is visible as embedded widget in a web page. The page can be password-protected so only the teacher and a student or teacher and class can record and listen.

Evoca offers other online recorder plugins for TypePad, Blogger, Drupal, Zoomla, and other content management systems that allows embedding of Flash HTML into its pages.

How to offer a mobile language lab

Invite students to use their phones, Skype or computer microphone to record lessons, practice sessions, and tests – then get feedback and track progress.

University professors ask their students sign up for their own Evoca Pro Plan. Students record lessons and email the recording to their professors for listening and feedback.

High school teachers often set up one teacher’s account and then register student phone numbers into the teacher’s account. Then the students record their lessons to the teacher’s Evoca Pro account and receive the recording and feedback via email. The teacher also creates an album for each student and assigns the student’s phone number, when registering it, to that album.

Integrate Evoca with educational IT systems

Evoca offers Evoca Enterprise for educational institutions and training organizations that want to integrate and customize the delivery of Evoca’s innovative Voice-to-Web services into their IT systems and software applications. Evoca Enterprise, the enterprise-class multi-media platform, is delivered through a flexible API (application programming interface; RESTful HTTP API).

Reasons for using Evoca

Universities, colleges, and eLearning divisions and organizations

  • Foreign language courses and practice sessions
  • English — including ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Public speaking and speech courses
  • Clinical training and intake interviews — psychology and other professions
  • Performing arts, writing, poetry, elocution, and speech classes
  • Oral history
  • Storytelling
  • Job and graduate school interview role-playing
  • Radio, TV, and print journalism field assignments
  • Voice-overs for video projects
  • Social and physical sciences research projects

High schools and middle schools

  • Advanced Placement (AP) foreign language test practice sessions
  • Beginning through advanced level language course assignments
  • English — including ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Performing arts, writing, poetry, elocution, and speech classes
  • Oral history
  • Storytelling
  • Job and college admissions interview role-playing

Contact us with your requirements, questions, and suggestions

Use our online contact form, send an email to: [email protected], or call us at +1.866.940.9988 (Toll-free U.S. and Canada) or +1.212.372.7670, or at our custom Skype call recorder: evoca-bizdev-call-recorder.

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