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Embed WordPress voice comments recorder

Wordpress Audio CommentsEvoca makes it easy for you to invite visitors to your WordPress site to record their voices on any blog or webpage.

Language and speech educators can create virtual language labs for practice sessions and feedback. Journalists, publishers, bloggers, radio and TV hosts, and advocacy marketers can capture fresh, compelling audio content such as reviews and opinions. Create a password protected WordPress page for you and your student or client to conduct discussions or practice sessions using audio and text comments.

The Evoca WordPress Voice Comments Recorder plugin enables visitors to your blog or website to record audio using any computer microphone. You can listen and decide whether to publish from your the regular WordPress comments admin panel.

How to get the Voice Comments Recorder plugin

As an Evoca Express subscriber you can download the plugin from your My home page by clicking on Embed Voice Comments Recorder for WordPress.

How it works: The  plugin provides the option to invite both voice comments and regular text comments

The voice comments are available to review in your  regular WordPress comment admin area, so you have full control over them like you do text comments. You can listen to the voice recordings before you decide to make them live. The voice and text comments will appear in the comment thread in the order in which you approve each one.

The Evoca Voice Comments Recorder does not require visitors to have an Evoca account to use it, but the blog owner must be an Evoca subscriber. The plugin is available to use with any Evoca Express subscription, free trial or paid account. The voice recordings are also saved to your secure online Evoca account.

Note: if your visitor needs help to get his/her computer to “allow” the use of the recorder, s/he can click on the “How to” button just below the red record button to see this lightbox with instructions:

If you are not yet an Evoca Express subscriber, you can sign up for a Free Trial [no credit card required] or any Evoca Plan. You can also get the plugin from WordPress.org and sign up from the WordPress site.

You also can invite third parties to record to your account using their phones. Learn more here.


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