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Embed a recorder on your site

Embed an audio recorder (browser mic) on your website or blog. Invite your visitors to leave audio comments, testimonials, opinions, language lessons, or stories.

The recordings are saved to your Evoca account, available at the “My recordings” dashboard and the full “Page view” of the recording. Post to your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Browser Mic Embed

Want to start a threaded audio/text discussion on your WordPress page or post? Use the Evoca Voice Comments Recorder plugin for WordPress.org. Want to invite comments using any phone? using Skype?

When a recording is submitted by a visitor, it is saved with the title “Comment Recording” and the default security setting is private. The title and security setting can be easily changed, but allow you to review any recording made prior to publishing it.

To view the email or comment your visitor has added: If the the visitor has entered her/his email address and message, you can view/get that information from the My Recordings dashboard. Click on the “+” to the left of any recording to show the Expanded view with email and comment information. [See more below]

Evoca offers plug-ins for blogs or websites powered by WordPress, Drupal, Blogger and Type Pad, as well as generic code that can be added to any website. Links to the plug-ins and all of the code are available on the plug-ins page which is accessible by click on the “Embed recorders” link on the home page of your Evoca Express account.

Choose from four mic designs. Recorder HTML code is presented on the recorder [Browser Mic] plug-in page. When you have selected the mic that you want, simply copy the HTML code below it using the copy button, and post it into the code for your website or blog.

Mic and code

The code generated is specific for your Evoca account, which ensures the recordings made using the mic will be saved to your account.

Test the functionality of the mics on this page. They work the same as they will when installed on your page. Pressing record starts the recording, and pause stops it. Once the recording is made, the person making the recording can listen to it before sending it by pressing the play button. The recording can be erased prior to sending by pressing the clear button.

Get email addresses and text comments from your commenters. The person making the recording can also add an email address and text comment prior to sending the recording. This information is appended to the recording and can be viewed in the “My recordings” table after the recording is submitted, as displayed in the image below.

Hint: If it is important to get the email address and/or text comment from your visitor, add some copy on your web page or blog such as: “Be sure to include your email address and text comment,” or whatever if appropriate for your purpose.


Any recording can be posted on websites and blogs for playback using one of Evoca’s player widgets because we auto-generate the player code for you to simply copy/paste. You also can publish recordings to Facebook and Twitter.

Many users embed an Evoca player on their site in addition to the mic, so that visitors can hear the comments left by others. You will also receive an email each time a recording is created on your site. Here are the player options:


If you have any questions about how to get or use players, send us a Help desk ticket.


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