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Register Skype accounts

skype iconRegister your Skype account to record your own voice, Skype interviews, and Skype conference calls [as host or participant]. Evoca will instantly save your recordings to your Evoca account as MP3 recordings. All recordings are accessible to you on your computer, smartphone, or tablet any to listen, email, post online, or download. You also can post recordings online for others to playback on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

More: You can register up to 30 Skype accounts to your Evoca account, including those of team members, colleagues, clients, or students. They will be able to make recordings that are saved into your account just by adding the Evoca Skype Call Recorder to their Skype contact list. Just like you, they can record their own voice, Skype interviews, and Skype conference calls. View the video or continue with the steps below.

How to register one or more Skype accounts

Make sure you are logged into your Evoca Express Account.

Step 1: Click on the My Account tab

From this view

Step 2: Click on Registered Skype Account(s) link and you will see a page that looks like this:

Step 3: Click on Add a Skype account

Skype Reg

Step 4: Type your Skype username. Give it a Name if you are going to register multiple Skype accounts. Choose other options [see below]. When done, click the Add button.

There are additional, optional fields on the registration page that allow you to:

  • Name your Skype Account

Skype Name

  • Set your security level

Skype security

  • Enable or Disable the Post-call Options Menu
  • Skype post callAutomatically tag recordings from this Skype account
  • Skype TagAutomatically assign recordings from this Skype account to an album or group (great for organizing recordings that are made by team members or students):

Skype a and g

  • Add a comment about this Skype account

Skype Comments

DONE! A confirmation screen will appear to confirm the new Skype account has been saved.

Skype Add

To edit Skype account settings click on the Edit icon beside the Skype username.

Add Skype edit

To delete a Skype account, click on the delete button at the far right side of the row. All deletions will be confirmed.

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