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Register phone numbers

You can register more than one phone number to your account — in fact, up to 30 phone numbers. That might include your own phone numbers: mobile, home, and office, and phone numbers of others involved in a mutual project such as team members, colleagues, students, and family members.

Any recording created from a registered phone number, using any Evoca public phone number, will be saved to your password protected account. That is how Evoca works! You can share Private or Public recordings by emailing the visitor’s Page view.

Learn how to register more phone numbers by viewing the video or following the steps below.


How to register phone numbers

Step 1: When logged into your account, click on the My Account tab.  Under Phone and Skype settings, click on Registered Phone Number[s]

Step 2: Click the Add a phone number link


Step 3: Type information for each new phone number into the fields provided.

Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 11
  • Enter a new phone number with no spaces or dashes. If you will be using this phone to dial Evoca from an Evoca international phone number, be sure to include your phone’s country code. (i.e., the country code for the United States is “1″)
  • Enter your desired PIN code (used in case you need to call from an unregistered phone number)

Step 4: To complete phone number registration, click on the Add button at the top or bottom of the page, and the number will be saved.


A confirmation page will appear offering you the option to [1] return to your My account section or[2] to go to the Registered phone number[s] page to add more phone numbers.

Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 12

  • Note: a phone number can only be registered to ONE Evoca Express account.

You can use optional fields during registration to:

  • Name your phone number

Skype Name

  • Set the security level for all recordings from this phone

Phone Security

  • Enable or Disable the Post-recording Options Menu

Phone post

  • Automatically Tag recordings from this phone number

Phone Tag

  • Automatically assign recordings from this phone number to a group or album

Phone a nd g

  • Add a comment about this phone number

Phone Comments

To delete a phone number, click on the delete button at the far right side of the row. All deletions will be confirmed.

Use Edit any time to make changes or additions to any registered phone number:

Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 12

If you are an elementary or secondary school teacher and want to register more than 30 phone numbers because you have several classes with recording projects [such as language, speech or communications classes], send us a request by Help desk ticket!

Want to register one or more Skype accounts to your Evoca account? Go to the Registered Skype account[s] link under Phone and Skype settings.

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