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Get a Custom Call Recorder for Skype calls

Get a Custom Skype Call Recorder to invite your followers to record using Skype + promote your brand

Skype_std_use_logo_pos_col_rgbCalling Skype is free, so it is just like offering a worldwide toll-free number!  Callers can record audio comments, opinions, testimonials, language lessons, stories or any audio content. Get your custom recorder when you signup for an Evoca Local or Toll-Free Plan or upgrade to Local or Toll-Free from a Free Trial subscription.

  • Callers hear your custom welcome prompt that you can update any time, self-service
  • All recordings made by third party callers using your Custom Call Recorder are saved to your secure, online Evoca account. You decide whether to publish or keep private.
  • Put your Custom Call Recorder on your website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter page or share it with a work group, team, or class

  • See an example of a live Custom Call Recorder: Evoca’s own Evoca BizDev Call Recorder. Add it to your Skype contact list and try it!

If you want to get a Custom Call Recorder, signup for a Local or Toll-Free Plan or upgrade from your existing Free Trial subscription to a Local or Toll-Free Plan. Then send us a ticket with the custom name you want.

How to record using a Custom Call Recorder

Prior to the call recording session, your caller will add your custom, branded Skype contact either by clicking the “Get it” button on your website or by using the Skype contact search feature. This is a one-time action; the contact request is automatically approved.

Step 1: Login to any Skype account.

Step 2: Click on your Custom Call Recorder contact’s green Call button to start the call recording session.

It is just like you are calling  another person. Start talking at the beep tone. [Hint: If you are interviewing another person or recording a conference call, start the call with the other people first before adding your custom call recorder to the call.]


Step 3: End the call to save the recording

  • Click on the Red end call button to hang up
    • The recording will be saved immediately in to account in your My Recordings dashboard on your My Home page.


  • Remove the call recorder from the call


In addition to inviting third parties to use your Custom Call Recorder for Skype calls, you can directly register your team members’ Skype accounts to your Evoca account to record Skype interviews Skype voice conference calls and the audio stream of Skype video conference calls.

More about Custom Call Recorder features

  • The same custom welcome prompt that you record and activate for your Local or Toll-Free Plan will play whenever a Skype caller uses your Custom Call Recorder to record.
  • You decide whether to share the recording or keep it private.
  • You can identify the caller by the Skype account saved to the recording file, if you want to follow up with that caller individually. The caller’s Skype username is available in the My Recordings dashboard, expanded view [+].

An additional Evoca feature for capturing third parties voice recordings

Want to invite third parties to record using the Evoca online recorder to create recordings that are instantly saved to your Evoca account? You decide whether to publish the recording or not. Two ways to do it:

  • Use the Flash recorder that you can embed on any web page or blog post. Get the code for any type of web page or blog post or use the WordPress Audio Recorder widget. Recordings are saved to your Evoca account, along with the visitor’s email address and comments.


  • Use Evoca’s WordPress Voice Comments Recorder to invite voice and text comments on any web page or blog post. Recording are saved to your Evoca account.


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