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Add storage minutes

Adding recording storage time is easy, right from your Evoca account’s home page. Increase your account storage capacity in increments or “buckets” of 10 hours each at $2.00/month.

Add storage time if you are planning on recording important content, such as interviews or conference calls, or when you expect an increase in comment recordings from your followers. To recap: the Evoca Plans start with the following storage capacity: Pro = 10 hours [600 minutes]; Local = 20 hours [1200 minutes]; and Toll-Free = 40 hours [2400 minutes].

Check your storage usage level any time in your My Account section. When you get to 85% of  storage capacity, we post a notification banner at the top of your My Home page and invite you to add storage minutes.

How to add recording storage time

Step 1: Click on the Add storage minutes link on your My Home page

OR Click on My Account > Account Information: Add minutes.

Step 2: Add minutes at $2.00/month per 600 minutes [10 hours] bucket – up to 2400 minutes [40 hours] at a time. Click on the Next button.

Step 3: Place your order


Your Evoca account will immediately be updated to show more recording storage capacity.

If you do not want to add storage minutes, you can delete older recordings. We recommend you download recordings if they have value for you. But at just $2.00/month for a “bucket” of 10 hours recording storage time, many subscribers find it more convenient to retain all of their audio recordings in their online Evoca account instead of downloading and managing recordings from their computer.


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