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Business authors record compelling interviews using Evoca Skype Call Recorder

July 15, 2013 in Authors, Blog, Business, Conference calls, Education, International, Interviews, Testimonials, Voice by msharpe  |  No Comments

2013 Update: Triple Crown Leadership published and winning awards!

the-bookTo capture compelling stories for Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations, their business book about ethical leadership, Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek interviewed exemplary business leaders in 61 organizations in 11 countries, using Evoca. The book is the culmination of decades of Bob and Gregg’s business experience and their deep personal belief in values-based leadership.

The Evoca Skype Call Recorder made it possible for the authors to bridge the challenges of distance and time zones to conduct in-depth interviews using Evoca’s Skype recording feature. Anyone with a Skype account can use Evoca to record Skype interviews and conference calls with a single click to add the Call Recorder.

Featured business leaders include executives from Google, Zappos, Mayo Clinic, eBay, KIPP, Ashoka, and more. The book has been endorsed by Stephen R. Covey and Stephen M. R. Covey, Bill George, Dan Pink, Barry Posner, and others, and featured in or by by Fast Company, AMA, CCL, and ASTD, among others. Bob and Gregg can be followed @triplecrownlead. Read more

Set up a Virtual Language Lab today!

June 20, 2012 in "How-To" posts, Education, Humanities, International, iPhone, Language, Skype, Voice by msharpe  |  No Comments

Today’s students are literally mobile — constantly using cell phones, iPhones and Android smartphones. Stationary language labs are expensive to support. Budgets at schools and universities are tight. For-profit language education programs are facing price and feature competition. Educators can easily set up a phone-based Virtual Language Lab for language students using Evoca.

How it works

  • Your students can record the lessons you assign simply by using their phones to call any Evoca public dial-in number:
    • Their recordings are instantly saved as MP3 recordings into your online, secure Evoca account.
    • Evoca provides many public dial-in numbers for the students to dial-in from the U.S./Canada and other countries.
  • You can listen to student’s recordings and send feedback and links to the recording to your students. See:
  • Students can playback their recordings on their smartphones, tablets, and computers save to track their own progress.

Setting up your Virtual Language Lab

Step #1: Sign up for an Evoca Pro subscription plan for only $6.95/month. Go to:

  • You get full access to Evoca audio recording, management, and sharing
  • You can also record sample audio lessons and post them on your website or blog, and also Facebook and Twitter
  • You get an initial 10 hours of recording storage time and can add “buckets” of 10 additional hours of storage time right from your account. See:

Step #2: Set up an Album for each student. See: We recommend using this naming approach: Last name_First name, for easy listening to/grading the recorded lessons.

Step #3: Register up to 30 [or more] students’ phone numbers. See: You will assign each phone number to the corresponding student Album [see Step #2]. Teaching more than 30 students? High school teachers can email us to get additional registered phone number slots at no additional charge at: [email protected] [For-profit subscribers can request additional phone registration slots for a modest up-charge at: [email protected]] Read more

Norah Dooley of massmouth talks up live and digital storytelling

May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized by msharpe  |  No Comments

The story begins: When Norah  Dooley, Andrea Lovett and a few other storytellers co-founded massmouth inc. 3-1/2 years ago, they wanted the Boston community to learn that storytelling was an adult activity, not just reading stories to children. As a startup venture, Norah took to the streets of Boston with her band of storytellers — telling stories on street corners and cafes, and inviting people on the street to Mouth-offs, telling their own stories. Soon Story Slam competitions were held in Boston pubs.

Committed to using digital media, massmouth adopted the use of Evoca to attract storyteller auditions and to stream audio stories on their website and Facebook fan page. massmouth is committed both to serving the local Boston area and to spreading stories worldwide using online technologies like Evoca and YouTube. Norah  refers to Evoca as “really an amazing tool.” Hear more in the Norah Dooley interview by Murem Sharpe, Evoca CEO, about the heartening massmouth story and about how Evoca’s affordable digital audio services empower Boston storytellers voices locally and globally.


The story continues: massmouth’s early appeal grew rapidly, resulting in its first city-wide event at the renown Boston Public Library, filling its 350-seat Rabb Auditorium with an audience spilling out to the hallways. It has grown to the 1st Annual Boston Storytelling Festival in 2012, free to all participants and packed with performances and workshops. Read more

With iPhone’s Siri, voice is driving online search

May 24, 2012 in Apple, Google, iPad, iPhone, Marketing, Microsoft, Siri, Voice by msharpe  |  No Comments

Voice recognition is the new battle ground for rivals Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Apple’s Siri is leading the pack. “All the mobile phone manufacturers are investing in speech, expanding investments in speech, creating more elegant designs and integrating it more deeply into phones,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president for mobile at voice-recognition specialist Nuance. What is at stake? Online search that generates advertising revenue.

The following excerpt from an MSN Money article tells the compelling story: “Siri’s tantalizing features include the ability to take dictation for text messages, set reminders, initiate calls and get weather updates — all at a mere voice command. Such an interactive voice-driven interface encourages greater use of smartphone features by making it much easier to access technology-on-the-go​. According to a recent industry study by Arieso, the iPhone 4S has almost doubled data consumption as compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 4, and the introduction of Siri is considered to have enabled the huge growth. One of the most important smartphone features that Siri is driving is an increase in mobile search.Read more

Evoca joins Global Network Initiative founded by Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft

May 8, 2012 in Business, Facebook, Freedom of Expression, International, Journalists, Media, Politics by msharpe  |  No Comments

In its recently published annual report, the Global Network Initiative [GNI] announced that Evoca, a leading global voice recording and publishing web service, became the first non-founding Company Member to join GNI, demonstrating that the GNI Principles – advancing freedom of expression and privacy rights – are relevant to early stage technology firms as well as larger, established multinationals such as its founding Company Members – Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Google and its new Observer Status participant – Facebook. The Global Network Initiative [GNI] provides guidance to the information and communications technologies [ICT] industry and its stakeholders on how to protect and advance these human rights when faced with pressures from governments to take infringing actions.

Evoca CEO Murem Sharpe commented on Evoca’s purpose in joining GNI, “Evoca is a platform for free expression, and so GNI is a natural fit for us. As an early stage web services company, we employ software and web services of other companies operating in the cloud for customer service, telecommunications, data storage and streaming, payment, and other key functions. We look forward to engaging with these suppliers so that in turn we can assure our subscribers and licensees of our commitment to their rights to free expression and privacy.”

About The Global Network Initiative [GNI]

The Global Network Initiative [GNI] is a multi-stakeholder group of companies, civil society organizations, including human rights and press freedom groups, investors and academics, who have created a collaborative approach to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy in the information and communications technologies [ICT] sector. GNI provides resources for ICT companies to help them address difficult issues related to freedom of expression and privacy that they may face anywhere in the world. GNI has created a framework of principles and a confidential, collaborative approach to working through challenges of corporate responsibility in the ICT sector.

GNI participants include Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, Websense, the Berman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard Law School, USC Annenberg School for Communications, Center for Democracy & Technology, Internews, Human Rights First, Committee to Protect Journalists, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Centro de Estudios en Libertad de Expresión y Acceso a la Información, Calvert Investments, Church of Sweden, and Trillium Asset Management.

Ten Tips to Improve Your Vocal Image

May 7, 2012 in "How-To" posts, Business, Interviews, Public Speaking by msharpe  |  No Comments

Every professional and business person has to do a lot of talking — in person, on the phone, and while giving presentations. You are called on to motivate staff, explain your product’s benefits, negotiate with prospects, speak to journalists, and pitch to investors.

But is your “vocal image” up to the job? There is more to our voices than meets the ear. Giving a poor vocal impression can lead to lost credibility, lost promotions, lost deals, and lost investors.

If you are not happy with your voice — or you’ve never really thought about how you sound to other people — check out 10 tips that could help you boost your vocal image. You can practice by recording your voice using Evoca and sharing the recording with a friend or mentor.

Vocal tip #1: How you sound is more important than what you say

It is worthwhile improving the impression we make with the sound of our voices. How we say things is much more important than what we say. Other people decide whether to agree with us or not, take our advice, or support us based on the sound of our voices.

Listeners on the phone and radio quickly jump to conclusions about our intelligence, education, expertise, credibility, likeability, and even what we look like, based on little more than the sound of our voices. Read more

Evoca Enterprise joins Amazon Web Services Co-Marketing Program

April 9, 2012 in Amazon, Business, General Announcements, International, Marketing, Skype by msharpe  |  No Comments

We are pleased to announce that the Evoca Enterprise voice-to-web services platform has entered the Amazon Web Services [AWS] Co-Marketing Program. Featured in the AWS App Catalog, Evoca Enterprise enables its users to rapidly integrate Evoca’s digital voice recording services into their web applications, configuring audio recording, management and publication features using its flexible, enterprise-class (RESTful) HTTP API (application programming interface). Amazon Web Services, a division of online retail giant, provides cloud computing, storage, and streaming services that enable Evoca Enterprise to reliably deliver and scale its web services to meet its global licensees’ digital content creation and management requirements.

The Evoca Enterprise software-as-a-service platform [SaaS] enables businesses and organizations to create voice recordings by phone, Skype, or online embedded recorder and incorporate the recordings into their branded applications. With digital voice recording capabilities, users can engage their fans, customers, visitors, and contributors by enabling them to create, listen to, and share voice content on websites, blogs, and social media sites. Voice recordings can be made using phones, Skype, or online recorder and incorporated into a branded application. Read more

Leslie Gordon writes what she records

March 27, 2012 in "How-To" posts, Authors, Business, Interviews, Journalists, Marketing, Oral History, Sports, Storytelling, Testimonials by msharpe  |  No Comments

We are delighted to feature outstanding Evoca subscriber Leslie Gordon of LeslieWrites — rainmaker, strategist, idea generator, and communications and marketing thought leader. She has been a creative force behind many successful public relations and marketing campaigns ⎯ from Walt Disney World’s Disney Dreamers Academy to Daddy’s Promise, a national initiative designed to focus national attention on the positive relationship that can and should exist between fathers and daughters. Her writing is utterly engaging, so beware when you start reading what Leslie writes!

When asked how she uses Evoca to capture fresh, compelling content from her interviews with shakers and movers, Leslie offered these positive words: “I am a public relations/marketing professional and a writer. I contribute feature articles to a health and fitness magazine for women of color and I am in the process of writing my first book.”

She continues, “I interview high profile entertainers and celebrities, professionals in the medical and educational fields and CEOs of leading investment firms. I have found that using Evoca along with Skype is the best way to facilitate the many phone interviews I conduct each week.

Leslie points out, “Using Evoca to record and manage my interviews is an easy process and completely user-friendly. I am able to access my interviews as digital voice recordings on the Evoca website in a matter of minutes after recording them. It has made my interview process SO much simpler and I have told all of my fellow writers and journalists about what a great service Evoca provides.”

Interested in becoming a featured Evoca subscriber in our email campaigns, blogs and social media? Contact the Evoca team with your story. Because: Everyone’s voice counts.



Go Global! Evoca’s advice to companies new and established

March 15, 2012 in "How-To" posts, Business, International, Savannah, Skype, Testimonials by msharpe  |  No Comments

Murem Sharpe, Evoca CEO, was invited to be a guest blogger for The Creative Coast to write about How To Make Your Savannah Business Global. Her advice, based on Evoca’s successful experience, applies to any business – new or established – in any city around the world.

Visualize your company as being global.

With Savannah’s location as a cultural and tourism hub and international port, it can be. No matter what our product or service, all of us can serve a global market. According to Visit Savannah, the city hosts 11.4 million visitors a year. That means that business people, professionals, and tourists from all over can learn about your product and bring it back to their home countries and cities. Establishing an online presence to tap into these visitors both before and after they head to our Hostess City is important. Communicate the story about your Savannah-based business every chance you get.

Always consider potential opportunities to partner with larger, international companies, because they have a wider audience and more resources.

We have nurtured the opportunity to integrate Evoca’s voice recording web service with Skype, which has given us access to its 650+ million users. Leveraging your company this way can build connections and give your products a good reputation in your industry, which can be a great way to grow. To do so, you always have to consider the benefits you offer to partner organizations. Will you help them meet a previously unmet need for their users? Will you help solve a problem? Will you help them generate revenue? Which leads to our next tip. Read more

Evoca Call Recorder featured in Skype Shop

February 25, 2012 in Authors, Blog, Business, Education, Facebook, Journalists, Oral History, Skype, Social Networking, Storytelling, Twitter by msharpe  |  No Comments

Skype is featuring the Evoca Call Recorder for Skype in its global Skype Shop! Evoca is also featured in the Skype App Directory main page and in its Evoca Call Recorder app page. The Skype Shop special deal doubles the new Evoca subscriber’s recording storage time upon sign up.

Evoca, a 100% cloud-based voice recording service, uniquely provides everything a Skype user needs to record free Skype calls and post digital audio recordings online with a 360-degree set of features: web-based Skype call recording, saving recordings in MP3 format, managing recordings from within the subscriber’s secure online account, publishing recordings online – to websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and inviting audio playback on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Because Evoca is web-based, no software downloads or updates are required. Evoca subscription Plans are available, including acquiring a custom Skype call recorder and custom local or toll-free dial-in phone number. Skype users can start with a 15-day Free Trial and upgrade at any time.

Read more

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