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Make Great Quality Phone Recordings

November 3, 2012 in "How-To" posts, Business, Conferences, Interviews, Journalists, Public Speaking, Voice by admin  |  No Comments

When you are recording your own voice for a podcast or recording an interview or conference call with others, you can capture good quality voice recordings using these tips from the pros.

  • Choose a location where you can keep a consistent environment to ensure the best sound quality. Limit all background noise.
  • Turn off any feature alerts to limit any interruptions and prevent distractions.
  • Avoid using your speaker phone. Instead use a regular or bluetooth headset ear buds with microphone.
  • Relax. Don’t speak too quickly. Use a tone and volume that’s easy to understand.
  • If you are conducting an interview, it’s okay to ask “Can you hear me clearly?” at the beginning of the call. And if you can’t hear your interviewee clearly, diplomatically ask, “Would you please speak a bit more loudly?”
  • Do a test recording before the “real thing”. This will give you the opportunity make sure your recording environment and mic volume setting are optimal.
  • Listen to the recording to learn how could improve next time. With Evoca you can save your recording to your online Evoca account and play back from any device.

Check out these Evoca How It Works articles for specifics about:

You can use these same tips when doing Skype recordings. Check out: 5 ways to record Skype calls.

Posted in "How-To" posts, Business, Conferences, Interviews, Journalists, Public Speaking, Voice.

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