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Evoca Call Recorder featured in new Skype App Directory

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Evoca is a featured app in the new Skype App Directory, making Evoca’s global cloud-based digital call recording service readily accessible to over 660 million registered Skype users worldwide. Evoca Call Recorder users can record Skype calls from their computers, smartphones, and tablets, using Skype apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Skype, the leading global VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] telephone brand, was acquired by Microsoft in October 2011.

The Evoca Call Recorder makes it easy to record Skype calls: your own voice, interviews, conference calls, and the audio stream of video calls and then post audio on websites, Facebook, and Twitter, email, or keep private. Evoca subscription plans are popular with journalists, authors, marketers, advocates, educators, students, coaches, and researchers.

A branded custom Skype call recorder also is available to invite visitors, customers, supporters, or fans to record opinions, testimonials, and stories directly into the user’s online Evoca account.

About Evoca

Evoca is a leading voice-to-web services company offering digital audio recording using Skype, any phone, and an online recorder. Recordings are instantly saved in MP3 format available for publishing to any website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Playback is possible from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. With auto-detection of a listener’s browser, Evoca’s “smartplayers” make it possible to listen from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and any other browser-based mobile device or computer. Evoca has delivered Skype call recording since 2006. Evoca subscription plans offer a range of standard and customizable features.

Evoca also licenses Evoca Enterprise [RESTful HTTP API/application programming interface] for other web services and organizations that want to brand and integrate Evoca recording, management, and posting features into their applications. Evoca Labs provides customization services for Evoca Enterprise licensees.



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