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Hospices record patients’ life stories using Evoca

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To capture Hospice patients’ life stories, professionals and volunteers are using the convenient recording-by-phone service offered by Evoca, providing a precious legacy and family keepsake. Interviewers can record using any phone, just like a microphone, while visiting the patient or during a phone call. The recordings – saved in a password protected account in standard MP3 format – can be downloaded, burned to CDs, and listened to online. Recordings made off-line with digital recording devices also can be uploaded to the Evoca Express account for safekeeping and sharing.

Recalling and preserving their stories is an important activity for patients who want to capture their memories for posterity. Patients’ stories can be kept private or contributed as oral histories for their families, communities, veterans’ associations, and religious organizations. For example, according to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization more than 50,000 veterans die each month; that’s roughly 28% of all deaths in the United States.

Using the phone as a “mic” for an in-person interview puts the patient at ease.

A phone interview often is easier to schedule with an elderly or disabled patient, who can readily answer a phone call and often likes to talk on the phone.

Hospices can acquire one central Evoca Express Pro subscription or one subscription per patient and family. A family member can also subscribe online to get underway. The person who is managing the Evoca Express account can register up to 30 phone numbers of interviewers – staff, volunteers, family members, or friends. Phone recordings can be made from a registered phone or by using the registered phone number as the password for activating the recording session.

Subscriptions are renewable on a monthly basis and allow for unlimited length of individual recordings and the ability to increase recording storage time. Registered family and friends can use Evoca to record supportive messages, stories, humor, music, and words of love for the patient to play.

To learn more about how to create, save, and share audio recordings visit Evoca’s YouTube channel. Videos also include how to record interviews using Skype, the free international phone service, in case the patient and interviewer are countries or continents away from each other. More information about Evoca voice recording services also is available at Evoca’s online How To guide.

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