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Evoca makes recording conference calls easy

December 28, 2009 in General Announcements by admin  |  No Comments

Evoca makes it easy to record conference calls using any phone and your favorite conference call service.

Whether you use FreeConferenceCall.com, Calliflower.comGoToMeeting, or any of the other free or paid services, Evoca enables you to record conference calls using any of them.  These services provide some level of  call recording, but none of them have the robust recording management, voice-to-online posting, and sharing features that Evoca offers. If you decide to change your conference call service, all of your recordings are in one place — your Evoca account.

How to record a conference call using Evoca with your favorite conference call service:

  • Call the conference call number and enter your host or participant code to join the conference call
    • “Hi everyone, this is Jamie. As planned, we’re going record today’s conference call. I’m going to bring in the recording services shortly.   Stay on the call.”
    • Or you may not want to announce you are recording the conference call if your state/country notification laws do not require it.
  • Dial your favorite worldwide Evoca phone number
    • You will hear the standard Evoca welcome greeting.
  • Rejoin the conference call to record your interview
    • This phone feature is known as three-way dialing on your Blackberry, iPhone, and most mobile phones and landlines.
  • End the conference call.  Evoca instantly saves the conference call as an MP3 recording in your Evoca account or — just hang up the Evoca phone number (we save the recording instantly) and continue talking.
  • From you Evoca account you can

    • Email the recording to your colleagues, students, supporters, or customers so they can listen and download it as needed
    • Keep the recording private for internal use
    • Post it online to websites, blogs, and social media sites with the Flash player widget that Evoca provides. For your online visitors, real voice recordings bring text and images to life.
    • Get it transcribed or do it yourself

To get some experience with recording your conference calls, you can sign up for an Evoca Express free trial subscription.  No credit card is required.  During your 30-day trial period you get 15 minutes of recording storage time.

If you need to start recording an important longer (than 15 minutes) conference call now, sign-up for your Evoca Express Pro subscription to conduct an interview of any length. You get 10 hours of recording storage time and can  add “buckets” of 10 hours any time for $2.00/month.  You can also simply click to order a transcription online from right inside your Evoca Express account.

Hint #1:  To make it really easy to use the recording or find it later on, create Albums named for your department, team, or class. You can easily add each new conference call recording to the appropriate album.

Hint #2: Practice a conference call recording before you record your first “real” call.  Once you’ve recorded your first conference call using Evoca;  it’s like riding a bike, you’ll be able to do it again and again.

Be sure to bookmark or print this blog article to have the instructions handy!

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