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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Discovery Channel uses Evoca to record priceless stories for the NASA 50th anniversary series

June 29, 2008 in Uncategorized by msharpe  |  No Comments

This month the Discovery Channel series aired “When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions”, its epic series produced in collaboration with NASA. Evoca was honored to be part of this historic event, enabling the creation of oral histories by scientists and engineers along with everyday people who experienced the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs over these five decades.

Discovery Channel invites it audience members to “Join us in celebrating NASA’s 50th anniversary by sharing your memories and stories of America’s manned space missions.” The stories recorded by phone are amazing, funny, informative, and poignant. Listen in and pick up the phone to record your story at the toll-free number: 1-866-947-NASA (1-866-947-6272).

Discovery asks everyone of us: “Were you watching when Neil Armstrong took that first small step? Did you happen to catch one of the Mercury, Gemini or Apollo launches? Glued to the set when Apollo 13 was fighting to stay alive? Maybe you were even on one of the capsule recovery ships.”

For the professionals who made it all possible, Discovery Channel requests: “If you are among one of the tens of thousands of specialists and engineers who built and maintained space vehicles, manned a console in a ground control station, or are even one of the chosen few who left Earth here’s your chance to tell the rest of us what’s it’s like to have been a part of America’s space program.”

You can watch highlights and even buy the DVD — I know that I will!

Speaking of Politics on “Vox Populi” with Evoca

June 26, 2008 in Uncategorized by admin  |  No Comments

With its highly popular “Vox Populi” feature, The Savannah Morning News makes it easy for thousands of Savannah region citizens to tell their Savannah neighbors — and the rest of the world — what’s on their mind about local and national political candidates and a wide range of civic and economic issues.

The newspaper’s savannahnow.com recently expanded Vox Populi, enabling its tri-county residents to call 912-652-0370 and speak up about any local, state, national, or even international topic. The digital audio recordings are available for anyone to hear in its online editions for Bryan, Effingham, and Chatham counties. The newspaper’s online content team launched the multi-county Phone-to-Web feature using Evoca Media Services.

As one of its seasonal interactive features, the newspaper also gives friends and family members a chance to congratulate their favorite graduates, free of charge. Savannah area residents can simply phone (912) 330-4255 to leave a Graduation Shout Out, and then invite the lucky graduate to listen in online.

Executive Editor Susan Catron summed up the benefits with, “The ability to coordinate user generated content online is a feature unique to savannahnow.com, and gives users more opportunity for self expression. It also allows reporters and readers to engage more with our community, which drives interaction and page views to our website. Vox Populi is one of our most popular features and Evoca’s new technology makes it possible to deliver it online.” The daily newspaper is a member of the Morris Publishing Group, a diversified media company with holdings in 29 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Europe and Asia.

Evoca makes it possible for newspapers, radio, and television companies to offer easy ways for their users to contribute timely content by phone — whether it’s about a serious community topic or a friendly greeting to a recent graduate. User-generated content drives online traffic and advertising revenue, so everyone wins.

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