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“Shout Out” to your favorite Deadliest Catch crew tonight!

April 22, 2008 in Uncategorized by msharpe  |  No Comments

“The Deadliest Catch captains want to hear your voice! Send them a shout out and wish them a safe, successful fishing season. Ask a question and they may just respond with an audio message of their own.” Well said by the Deadliest Catch producer who asked Evoca to power one of Discovery Channel’s most popular series — ever. Listen in to what the fans are saying as the season opens.
Here are the toll-free numbers:

Cornelia Marie866-503-7791
Early Dawn - 866-503-7792
North American - 866-503-7793
Northwestern -
Time Bandit – 866-503-7795
Wizard -
Deadliest Catch Camera Crew – 866-503-7797

Check out the Deadliest Catch mobile site while you’re at it.

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