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“Shout Out” to your favorite Deadliest Catch crew tonight!

April 22, 2008 in Uncategorized by msharpe  |  No Comments

“The Deadliest Catch captains want to hear your voice! Send them a shout out and wish them a safe, successful fishing season. Ask a question and they may just respond with an audio message of their own.” Well said by the Deadliest Catch producer who asked Evoca to power one of Discovery Channel’s most popular series — ever. Listen in to what the fans are saying as the season opens.
Here are the toll-free numbers:

Cornelia Marie866-503-7791
Early Dawn - 866-503-7792
North American - 866-503-7793
Northwestern -
Time Bandit – 866-503-7795
Wizard -
Deadliest Catch Camera Crew – 866-503-7797

Check out the Deadliest Catch mobile site while you’re at it.

Evoca records your “Gross Stories” for Discovery’s new Verminators series

April 21, 2008 in Uncategorized by msharpe  |  No Comments

We’re not making this up … an amazing new television series called Verminators premiers tonight at 10:00 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel. You can call 866-920-9976 to tell your own “disgusting infestation stories” — inspired by the elite team of Los Angeles-based exterminators. This week’s episode: Mike and the team take on a massive rat infestation at a race track, tackle an apartment swarming with roaches, bring in K-9 reinforcement for suspected bed bugs and discover one frightened homeowner’s rat problem is much worse than she ever imagined. Listen in as the stories come creeping and crawling in during the weeks ahead.

Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods stirs up the global pot using Evoca

April 14, 2008 in Uncategorized by msharpe  |  No Comments

You can probably imagine just how much fun it’s been for the Travel Channel and Evoca teams to cook up an easy way for fans of Bizarre Foods to use Evoca to share their own “bizarre foods” stories with Andrew Zimmern and hear other adventuresome gourmets around the world. It’s now as easy as picking up the phone and dialing 1-877-57-FOODS to tell your story and then listen in online. The Travel Channel team just might pick your gastronomic tale to play online! Here’s the scoop about this highly popular Travel Channel series that you can catch any night: Unmasking an aspect of dining out that will make you think twice before ordering off the menu, and utilizing his knowledge of all things edible, Andrew Zimmern is on a quest to find the world’s most bizarre foods. Andrew knows that one man’s poison is another’s delicacy but he isn’t afraid to poke a little fun at the local fare or himself. Our energetic food-a-holic infiltrates markets and restaurants taking viewers behind the scenes to savor the local cuisine – even if that means chewing on eggs with legs, gulping down a beating frog heart or polishing off a lamb’s eyeball. Andrew is game for anything and knows the most interesting food is found closest to the source. So whether he’s chasing down large water rodents in the Louisiana bayou, fishing for piranha in the Amazon or flushing out cave bats in Malaysia, you can be sure the guy with the iron stomach will dish up the unimaginable.”

The Savannah Music Festival and Evoca spread the word online

April 3, 2008 in Uncategorized by msharpe  |  No Comments

It’s very special when we can work closely with “the home team” and that’s just what happened when we helped the renowned Savannah Music Festival (SMF), Georgia’s largest musical arts festival, to connect with its audiences that travel to Savannah from around the state, country, and world. Using our Phone-to-Web technology, SMF has been inviting its audience members to record their experiences online.

We teamed up with SMF to increase audience participation and build online community by enabling anyone attending SMF events to tell the world about their experiences at the Festival simply by picking up their phone. By dialing 912-330-4254 audience members can create voice recordings that appear on the Savannah Music Festival website during the event and throughout the year. The program is part of the Festival’s interactive marketing initiatives, allowing concert-goers to voice their experiences and opinions.

“From our past experience, we find that word-of-mouth is a terrific way to build audiences,” remarked Ryan McMaken, Public Relations Manager for the Savannah Music Festival. “When word-of-mouth extends to the Internet, we are reaching thousands of potential new audience members. This program also gives us another very user-friendly way of collecting patrons’ thoughts about our productions.”

Evoca delivers its digital media services to a wide range of users including organizations that run performing and visual arts events, television programs, and radio shows that are heard around the world. Now this jewel in Savannah’s crown can benefit from the reach of the Internet.

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