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Create and Share Digital Voice Recordings
Using mobile, landline, Skype & smartphones, tablets and computers


Evoca uses best-in-class technologies.

Evoca has developed software platforms and integrated telecommunications and social media technologies to make it easy for anyone to create voice recordings easily, manage, and share MP3 recordings from a computer, smartphone or tablet dashboard. Our two web services — Evoca™ subscription service and Evoca Enterprise™ licensed platform – are delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Because our users access all features online, there is not need to do any software downloads or updates. We handle it through our own hosted and  “cloud” computing services.

Our Evoca subscription service simply requires an online sign-up and then recording by phone – mobile, smartphone, or landline, Skype, — web or smartphone app, and computer mic are instantly available.

Our Evoca Enterprise™ licensed service uses our RESTful HTTP API to simply make API calls to our media platform, and retrieves customized players and recorders and related data.

For both services we auto-generate player embed code for “smart players” that auto-detect the visitor’s browser to deliver audio playback [i.e. iPhone and iPad require HTML5; Android smartphones and tablets require Flash]; Flash, iFrame, HTML5, and cascading audio players and also embed code for Flash recorders to make voice recording creation and sharing easy. Our development team deploys the best software protocols and architecture in our enterprise-class multimedia platforms that work when called upon and scale as needed. Some of these tools are: JAVA, REST, XML, JSON, FLASH, HTML5, CSS3 and SSL.