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Our Story

Evoca says that “Everyone’s voice counts” — on websites, blogs & social media sites. And now also in videos with our Boca Video iPhone app!

We started Evoca in Barcelona, built it in Savannah, and launched in 2006 as a voice-to-web subscription service to make it easy for anyone to record and publish voice using mobile, landline and smartphones, tablets and computers. In Savannah, we’ve continued to innovate by offering our Boca Video iPhone app for making videos from your photos and voice for sharing on Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and via email. Learn more at Getboca.com.

Our initial audio recording web service is the Evoca cloud-based voice recording subscription service, the perfect tool for journalists, educators, students, marketers, advocates, candidates, writers, researchers, storytellers, genealogists, and business people to create and share fresh, compelling audio content online. Subscribers can try it free for 30 days or sign up for a Pro, Local, or Toll-free subscription ranging from $6.95/month for Pro to $49.95/month for a toll-free dedicated dial-in number. They can create recordings of  any length using any phone, Skype, or our online recorder and keep it private or share it with the world.

From the start, we introduced better and faster ways to create valuable audio content from solo voice recordings, interviews, conference calls, Skype calls, and record directly from an online recorder used with any computer microphone. We went on to offer online record plugins for popular blog and web software such as WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, and TypePad. On the publishing side, streaming voice is one of our strengths. Posting MP3 recordings for playback through player widgets on blogs and websites was an early feature that we have expanded to posting to Facebook and Twitter. The entire set of robust features and settings is available in our How It Works section.

Our second cloud-based service, Evoca Enterprise™, is our flexible, scalable  multimedia software platform [SaaS/software-as-a-service] that we license to larger companies and other web services. It integrates all of the same voice recording [phone, Skype online recorder], management, and publishing features with the added benefit of being completely “brandable” and customizable. It is an ideal “white label” option for companies and other web services to integrate useful Evoca features using our flexible application programming interface [RESTful HTTP API.]

For both the Evoca subscription service and Evoca Enterprise, your recordings are securely stored in our proprietary application that instantly converts all recordings into MP3 format. Customers, followers, and fans can playback from any smartphone, tablet or web browser since we auto-detect browsers to stream using Flash, iFrame, or HTML audio tags.

We are a global company, as a web service that uses “the cloud” for recording creation, storage, and streaming. We are the fourth Company Member of the Global Network Initiative [GNI], supporting its work in the advancement and protection of freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT [information and communications technology] industry. GNI’s founding members are Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!.

Of course we have a home base — it is Savannah, Georgia — the beautiful, historic port city founded in 1733 by General James Ogelthorpe as a Utopian colony. There was religious tolerance and no slavery at its founding. Savannah today is  both a charming, small Southern city and a sophisticated magnet for people with interests in technology, the creative and performing arts, public affairs and public service, and commerce. Thanks to our on-going collaboration with faculty and students at the Savannah College of Art and Design [SCAD] and the presence of other state colleges and universities, totaling over 40,000 students in Savannah, we are exposed to current and emerging trends for web and mobile applications. At our home base Evoca is a proud member company of the Georgia Tech Advanced Development Center and The Creative Coast, two initiatives to support entrepreneurs in Georgia and the Savannah area. We’re also setting up an office in Silicon Valley to expand our reach to customers, partners, and new team members there.

Make voice a choice and put the power of Evoca to work for you:

Visit our How It Works section to learn more.

  • Turn any phone — mobile, smartphone or landline — into a digital recorder — using any worldwide Evoca phone number
  • Record solo voices – your own or your followers, fans, or customers
  • Record phone interviews
  • Record phone conference calls
  • Record Skype calls — solo voices, interviews, and conference calls
  • Invite recording by phone or online recorder from your audience with a Local or Toll-free Plan
  • Save and access MP3 recordings online through our secure cloud computing technology
  • Share voice online and by email for playback online or from any smartphone or tablet
  • Add standard or customizable players to your website or blog
  • Capture blog comments and publish the ones you want for others to listen in
  • Customize welcome messages for your dedicated, private phone number
  • Get local or toll-free numbers that customers call to record their opinions and stories
  • Quickly post voice updates to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blogs

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