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About Us

Every day we at Evoca make our services exceptionally relevant to subscribers who need to get reliable, easy-to-use voice recording services: journalists, educators, writers, researchers, storytellers, genealogists, and business people.  Our platform doesn’t require software installation or 3 IT guys to get up and running the same day.  We are a 100% online service that uses cloud computing and storage, dedicated VoIP [voice over Internet protocol, i.e. digital] phone lines, Flash recorders and players, and playback in Flash or HTML5  from computers, smartphones and tablets.  When capturing voice you have a choice – record from mobile, landline, smartphones, Skype, and computer mic.  We store each recording in your private Evoca account and you tell us what to do with it – stream it to Flash players on your site or blog, download it to your computer, or email it out to smartphones for instant playback on the go.

We have uncomplicated the whole work flow and offer affordable Evoca subscription plans starting at $6.95 per month with no long-term commitment.  It’s reliable, safe, and customizable to fit your brand. Need to integrate Evoca’s innovative voice-to-web features into your web application? You can license Evoca Enterprise, our scalable enterprise-class web platform delivered using a RESTful HTTP API [application programming interface], which means it is easy to deploy. You can customize it, brand it, and expand it to meet your requirements. It is SaaS [Software-as-a-Service] which means you can implement it without any software downloads or updating.

Hear some of our customer testimonials, read our story, learn about partner and investor opportunities, and get introduced to our site artist (he’s the man who created those terrific illustrations on our home page.]


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