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Create and Share Digital Voice Recordings
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Instantly record & publish digital voice recordings

Use any phone, Skype or mic

Make audio recordings – your own voice, phone and Skype interviews and conference calls, and comments from your online visitors. Evoca is available anywhere, any time, in the cloud. Start recording today. Use your phone to dial any Evoca worldwide phone number or deploy the Evoca Call Recorder for Skype from your Skype mobile app or computer or speak into our online mic. Our 100% web service instantly and securely saves and stores audio files online in digital MP3 format. Your recordings are accessible from any web or mobile browser. Our scalable cloud computing platform enables us to deliver voice – 24×7.

Broadcast audio recordings

Attract followers with audio content you easily can post to any website, blog, Facebook or Twitter pages. Playback on any web or mobile browser – computers, smartphones and tablets. Our smart players work on any Apple device – iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and Androids and BlackBerrys. Email recordings seamlessly to your colleagues or keep them private. Order a transcription online. You are in control.

Invite others to record by mic or phone

Embed an online recorder on any web or blog page to engage clients, students, and followers to speak up. WordPress.org user? Choose Evoca’s Voice Comments Recorder plugin to invite audio comments, language lessons or opinions along with text and audio feedback. Upgrade to a dedicated local or toll-free number or embed an online recorder for third parties to comment 24×7. Bonus: get a branded Skype call recorder. We make it easy.

Listen to Gary Koplin, president of HealthyChoice.com, talk about how his company engages visitors to share their stories using an Evoca toll-free phone recording line and online recorder:


Start recording and posting audio today

Evoca.com Evoca’s Free Trial gives you 15 minutes of recording time and 30-day access to your own feature-rich dashboard. Upgrade to a Pro, Local, or Toll-free plan at any time.

Pay-as-you-go voice recording plans start at the Pro plan at $6.95 per month and include unlimited call recordings, players, and recorders along with 10 hours of recording storage time. Add storage any time. Choose a Local or Toll-free Plan to allow other people to record comments, stories, testimonials, and opinions.

Evoca is ideal for journalists, language teachers, coaches, trainers, public speakers, advocacy executives, marketers, and anyone who needs an easy, fast way to create voice content and get it heard by your target audience. Need a transcription of that terrific interview you just recorded? Get accurate voice transcriptions for your business, research, and academic projects.

We value our technology partners. Check out how to create and publish fresh, compelling audio content using Evoca with these global software and web services.

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  • Testimonials


    Calling all Texans! Evoca has expanded our dial-in numbers so you can record your voices from the largest four cities in Texas. Austin: 512-823-0227 Dallas: 214-269-5246 Houston: 281-404-1714 San Antonio: 210-547-2752 Save your favorite number to speed-dial. Record your own voice for a podcast, notes to self, or “for the record” Record phone interviews for …

    I have found Evoca to be an invaluable resource in my podcasting. Either for phone or Skype, the call recording and the tools Evoca has developed for file management are easy to use and seamlessly integrated into my work process. I need to spend as little time as possible worrying about the mechanics of doing …

    David Wilk, Publisher - WritersCast

    The Mormon Women Project is a digital library of interviews with women who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from around the world. We’ve published over 100 interviews, most of which have been conducted through Evoca. With Evoca’s recording paired with Skype, we’ve interviewed women as far away as Ghana, …

    Neylan McBaine - Mormon Women Project

    Evoca is a great product that makes it easy for us to capture learnings from businesses that reduce poverty around the world. Recording Skype calls with Evoca helps us help social enterprises more easily, quickly, and affordably.

    Nate Heller, Director of Product Development - Ayllu Initiative

    Evoca provides interpreters-in-training in our online spoken language interpreter training courses an essential voice component through a true interactive online audio experience.

    Faith Marcel, Professor of Language Interpreter Training - Niagara College Canada

    Evoca has helped us create a highly popular feature on the HealthyPlace website Share Your Mental Health Experiences. Our followers can readily share what it’s like living with a mental health condition using the phone and web recorder service consistently delivered by Evoca.

    Gary Koplin, President - HealthyPlace.com

    Evoca makes it very easy for me to share daily voice posts for my global audience of English language learners.

    Sam Margolis, Founder - Simple English News
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